Why Black Women Dont Exercise

Why Black Women Don’t Exercise - Black woman doing pushups on bench

Why Black Women Dont Exercise

Have you ever heard one of your girlfriends say “I don’t workout because I don’t like to sweat” or “I just got my hair done”? Yeah! Me too. Both excuses are pitiful and it’s shameful that one would be more willing to live an unhealthy life, for the sake of a blow out! Now, I have been a black woman for 28 years and understand the time and money put into getting a fresh silk wrap or up do, but is it really worth it when you look at the statistics? Did you know that Obesity is more common in African Americans than any other ethnic group? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that from 2007 – 2010 the percentage of black women over the age of 20 years old, who were obese was 54.2 percent. That number is alarming considering the fact in 2011 the Black Population in the United States was only 14.1 percent. You do the math!!!!

Diabetes: 77 percent higher in African-Americans.

High Blood Pressure: 36 percent of the African American population fall victim, when compared to 20 percent of the Caucasian, Native American, and Hispanic populations.

Heart Disease: Incidents of death resulting from heart disease is 30 percent higher in African Americans.

A columnist Alice Randall for the Huffington Post wrote “Too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be,” . This statement struck a nerve and not a very good one, when I read it. Black women, we have to do better, be better and live better lives, for the sakes of our families and ourselves. Enough is enough!!! Quit trying to be cute and get your butt in somebody’s gym or on somebody’s track.

It’s really NOT that hard to find 30 minutes out of your day to workout. If you are worried about your hair, find styles that will accommodate an active lifestyle:



Corn rolls

There are even ponytail headbands that were specifically made to aid African American Women manage their hair while working out. Nicole Ari Parker (married to Boris Kodjoe) created a head wrap that saves your hair from sweating during workouts. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! GET UP, GET OUT AND GET MOVING.

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Comment below!!!:  What is the number one excuse that you use to not workout? What do you do to combat those excuses?


  1. Some of the excuses I have used in the past have been “too tired”, “just ate”, and occasionally too much stuff to do. I have combated these excuses by correcting my mind set. I’m a big believer in reading and/or listening to positive development materials. This is something I do daily and it is incredibly helpful with not only your mindset but your life in general. I have found that after spending some time with personal development my life seems more in balance and I am able to be a lot more productive, have a more positive attitude and able to attack my workouts. Personal development helps with the “negative self talk” you may have when thinking about having to work out! I totally recommend doing it to get your mind right!!

  2. Amen an to this!! I have not always been into my health and fitness, however I have changed my life completely. Never once before working out have I thought about my hair. I thought about other things like abs, toned legs, and having the energy I need to keep up with my two boys. I thought about being able to run drills with them on the football field, or race around the track. When I think about skipping my workout these are the things that I think about !

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