Tony Horton Live Chat 6-26-2012

Beachbody Video Tony Horton Live Chat

Join Tony Horton Live Chat with host Stephanie Saunders from Beachbody Headquarters in Santa Monica California on June 26th.  Click on the video below to begin watching!

Topics discussed in the Tony Horton Live Chat include:

  • How was the Beachbody Coach Summit 2012?
  • Tony Horton promotes Jäger?
  • When doing P90X when can I sneak in an Arms and Delts day?
  • I’m still hungry after my workouts, what should I do?
  • Why is super stacking so effective?
  • What Tony Horton thinks about the Ultimate Reset Cleanse.
  • How can I inspire my husband to get fit and work out without telling him he is out of shape?
  • I’m  on day 36 of P90X and not seeing any results, what should I do?
  • What would Tony Horton recommend to a slightly out of shape 57 year old who wants to get maximum results.
  • Has Tony Horton ever considered trying out for the American Ninja Warrior?
  • How many shirts did Tony Horton have to sign for the Sugar Anti-christ shirt?
  • Do you think Costco salmon are fresh salmon or farm salmon?
  • Trying to bulk up and lost fat but not muscle, mainly adipose fat, what should I do?
  • Any tips on how to do a really good pushup?
  • What does Tony Horton think about kids lifting weights?
  • Can I skip balance from P90X2 If I’m trying to get body mass?
  • What is the P90X Certification all about? I don’t own a gym and don’t want to teach classes. What does P90X Certification do for me?
  • Can Tony Horton do a Dance?
  • What Tony Horton recommends to gain muscle while on P90X2?
  • What are the songs they used in the beginning of the first summit workout with Tony Horton?
  • Will yoga improve my love life?

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