Shaun T Video Chat 6-12-2012

Live Team Beachbody Video Chat w/Shaun T with host Rebecca Harrelson from the Beachbody office in New York City. Click the video below to watch!

Topics include:

  • Why is Shaun T eating a banana?
  • How do I get started with Insanity if its been a while since I’ve worked out?
  • If I miss some workouts during Insanity where should I pickup from?
  • If I cant do Cardio Abs due to an injury or condition what should I do instead?
  • I just started Rocking Body and haven’t lost any weight, what should I do?
  • How can I get Shaun T’s body?
  • Should I repeat week 1 of Insanity if I hurt myself the first week and took off the second week?
  • When it comes to eating calories I can never eat enough as Insanity says I should, what should I do?
  • What 10-20 minute workouts would Shaun T from Insanity recommend?
  • How can I workout my calfs in Insanity?
  • What is the best way to keep motivation?
  • When your new to the fitness game, what do you do when your just too sore to move?
  • What Insanity Asylum workout does Shaun T recommend for linebacker training?
  • Will doing Insanity everyday help me get thicker?
  • What are Shaun T’s favorite core exercises?
  • What are the best exercises to increase speed and vertical jump?
  • Would it be OK to do Hip Hop Abs on the same day as Insanity?
  • Will Insanity help me lose the extra skin that use to be filled with fat?
  • I’m in week 7 of Insanity and don’t appear to have lost any weight, what am I doing wrong?
  • Did creating Asylum get Shaun T even more shredded than he was in Insanity?
  • Whats the best way to get rid of stomach fat while doing Insanity?
  • Why do people suggest avoiding eating carbohydrates at night?
  • If for some reason I cant workout one day than what does Shaun T suggest I do?
  • Whats the best way to keep your metabolism revved up in the morning?
  • Shaun T’s allergies.
  • How do you keep your ladder on the ground during Insanity Asylum?
  • Every time I do the C-sit exercises my back hurts, what should I do?
  • Would Shaun T ever compete in a competition like the gong show against the other Beachbody Trainers?
  • Does Shaun T have any specific dietary restrictions for a 14 year old?
  • Should I up my calories if I need to add muscle?
  • Is it safe to do Insanity in the morning and weight lifting in the evening?
  • During the warmups of Insanity I really start to hurt, then it goes away during the exercise but then comes back during the cool down, any suggestions?
  • Shaun T ingrown toe nail story.
  • What is Shaun T’s advise for dealing with Tendinitis during the pushups in Insanity?
  • Do you have any suggestions for anyone who may have had their hip replaced and want to do Insanity?
  • If I have a low ceiling should I alternate some of the Insanity moves since I’m only a couple inches from the ceiling?
  • Where are Shaun T’s big muscular arms coming from?
  • What do you suggest for pushups during Insanity for people that have wrist injuries in the past?
  • How does Shaun T like Tai-Cheng?
  • Will Insanity be a good idea to get my pre pregnancy body back?
  • If I do Insanity first thing in the morning, do I want to eat first or after?

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