The Reintroduction of Chris Watson

The Reintroduction of Chris Watson

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my personal life. The last time I wrote about my personal life on this blog was when I was going through my first round of the workout program “P90X”,  which was May 2011! I’ve been through so many ups and downs and have grown tremendously both personally and professionally since I started that it’s about time for an update on my personal life. Before I get into all of that though I feel like I should re-introduce myself.

So who is Chris Watson?

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Chris Watson. I am a 30 year old male, living in Souderton, Pennsylvania with my 4 legged fur ball child, Cotton. I am a Millersville University graduate, blogger, fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, coach,  Philadelphia Eagles fan, pet lover, and more importantly a REAL person that never claims to be perfect. In fact I fail quite often in a lot of things, but it does not define me. In addition I am a home-body who enjoys hanging out with friends and watching a good movie. Okay, enough of that cheesy “online dating” type information!

Cotton and I when he was 8 weeks old.

Why a blog?

To understand why I started this blog you should first have some background information about my fitness journey. Basically I have struggled with my weight since childhood and was a yo-yo dieter who hardly ever exercised. Originally I made this blog so I could post about my daily progress going through the at home DVD workout program called “P90X” so that it would keep me accountable. As I went through the program and shared my journey I found that it was inspiring people to commit to start their own health and fitness transformation. Seeing the power of my journey spawned the birth of this blog,

What you can expect to find in this blog.

Honestly, I will be posting a little bit of everything. In short, it will be posts about MY life! The blog posts may include reviews, fitness motivation and tips, free workouts, my successes, my failures, event recaps, complete randomness and more. My main goal here is to help anybody I can live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle by sharing what has worked personally for me and to provide you with ongoing support and motivation. If you are looking for help with dropping weight, getting toned, building muscle, cleaning up your nutrition or just want to feel good about yourself then just send me a message so I can help show you the way 🙂

My promise to you, the reader.

I promise to always be REAL with you, the reader. I want everyone reading this blog to see the TRUE version of myself through my posts. You may see me struggling with things, and you may even see me excited about hitting a new milestone. From time to time this blog will have reviews of certain items, but I pledge to always give you a “no b-s” opinion on them.


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