P90X2 Is Here! Watch the Unveiling and Download the Worksheets

Well the day is finally here, P90X2 has been released to the public and is officially at our house! Christine and I are incredibly excited to start the program and plan on starting it once we finish our second round of P90X, on February 1st, 2012. This is going to take our results to the NEXT LEVEL.  I’ve posted below a video I made of me opening up our P90X2 Ultimate Edition Package and displaying the contents of it, I think it makes me look like little kid on Christmas day, don’t you?

If you’re interested in starting the program with us on February 1st then let us know, we are forming a group that is all going to start on the same day!

Download the worksheets for P90X2 here

Order P90X2: – If you are looking for free fitness support as well as motivation during your workout program, whether its a beachbody program such as P90X, P90X2, Insanity or something else then signup to have me as your coach!  This package is loaded with everything you need to do P90X as well as a couple of bonus’s. For more information on the P90X2 packages, click here: http://www.letsgettoned.com/fitness-programs-2/tony-horton/p90x2/

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