P90X Equipment and Supplements I Used

P90X Equipment and Supplements I Used

The following equipment and supplements are recommended for use with P90X and are products I personally used during my first round of P90X.

P90X Equipment that you must have

Plyometrics Mat (Manduka): With hundreds of exercise mats to choose from, only one has what it takes to bring it to P90X. This high-quality, shock-absorbing mat will reduce the stress placed on your joints and tendons during the P90X Plyometrics workouts, and will provide a secure and comfortable surface for the Yoga X routines. ALTERNATIVE: I highly suggest you do P90X on a carpeted surface only. If you do P90X on a carpeted area then a mat is not necessary (unless you have bad knees). You are putting a lot of stress on your joints so a soft floor is crucial during P90X.  I used a yoga mat in a carpeted room that I bought from Target for the Plyometrics exercises.


P90X Chin-up Bar P90X Equipment that you must haveP90X Chin-Up and Pull-Up BarPull-ups and chin-ups are an integral movement for upper-body development, and for this reason P90X requires a bar that can be used for a variety of exercises. Beachbody has designed the ultimate pull-up/chin-up bar to securely fit in most doorways, This valuable workout tool is ideal for performing the array of pull-up exercises used in this program. I highly recommend purchasing this one as it is top of the line and unlike a lot of bars, can hold up to 300 pounds. When it comes to Chin-Up Bars for your P90X Equipment, this is the bar to get. ALTERNATIVE: Walmart and Target sell some too for around $20-35 depending on the type but the weight limit is usually a lot less and does not have as many handle options. Better safe than sorry on this one, I think the last thing anybody would want to happen is to be doing a pull-up and the bar breaks!


P90X EquipmentDumbbells: A major portion of P90X calls for weight resistance exercises to build strength and muscle. Depending on your fitness level, you will need a variety of dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 to 70 pounds or even more if you are an experienced lifter.  I used a U-90 Stage 1 Powerblocks set which has a weight range from 5-50 pounds. It was expandable to 70 lbs, again to 90 lbs and further to 125 lbs per hand. Powerblocks ome incredibly handy for me as it replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells or 825 lbs of free weight which saves a TON of room. ALTERNATIVE: Sturdy adjustable weights such as powerblocks or bowflex select techs are highly recommended with P90X because as the program progresses you will be increasing the weight. Adjustable weights not only safe space but actually are cheaper to buy in the long run than buying weights individually.  I would suggest looking online for the best pricing available on adjustable weights as there is usually always a special going on. Do not buy these weights in a sporting good store such as “Sports Authority” or “Models” or “Dicks” as the price is usually a lot more there. I would only recommend you going to these stores so you can test the weight out first hand, but then buy it online. Dumbbells or bands are a MUST when it comes to P90X Equipment.


P90X Equipment that you must haveB-Lines Resistance BandsSome people prefer bands to dumbbells-especicially if you travel. And results can be even more dramatic when you use bands. Beachbody offers bands with ergonomic handles for maxmium comfort during even the most intense movements. For men they recommend a three-band kit that inclues Magenta (B4), Red (B6), and Green (B8). For women they a three-band kit that includes Pink (B3), Magenta (B4), and Red (B6). I used the mens bands but primarily only used the Red and the Green band. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend buying these bands. ALTERNATIVE:  I have used many different brands of bands in the past and majority of them have snapped on me. I have never had a problem with my B-Lines Resistance Bands snapping and highly recommend them. These bands come with a 100% replacement guarantee if anything goes wrong with them you can get a replacement for free. Side note – I’ve also been told, but never experienced, that you can buy “Gold’s Gym” bands from Walmart and they work just as well.


P90X Equipment that you must have

Heart Rate Monitor: A Heart Rate Monitor is critical in gauging the intensity level and progress of your workout.  When searching for a heart rate monitor you are going to want one that is proven to be both reliable and easy-to-use. This is a must for all those taking their fitness regiment to the next level. Buying a cheap heart rate monitor is not something you want to do as many are highly in-accurate and only tell you current calories burned and/or current heart rate and may not tell you totals at the end or go into any more details. You are going to want a heart rate monitor that starts at about $60 and up as they tend to always be the best quality and have the most accuracy. I recommend the Polar FT4 HR Monitor with Strap because this is what I have been using for over 2 years now and have had no problems at all with it, I love it!


P90X Equipment that you must have - Yoga BlocksYoga Blocks (2): For those new to yoga and the slightly less flexible to yoga pros, these blocks offer added support to assist with balance while holding certain poses. Yoga pros use these to extend their reach even further. ALTERNATIVE: I Personally have not used these Yoga Blocks but my girlfriend Christine has and say they are helpful for increase the range of your stretch. In my opinion these are not necessary to buy and you can use many things instead to get the same affect. For example I have used everything from weights to water bottles to extend the stretch even further.



P90X Equipment that you must have - Body Fat TesterBody Fat Tester: Getting an accurate reading on your body fat percentage will allow you to clearly identify your fat-loss accomplishments throughout this program. Now a days everyone and their sister has a method and equation on how to measure your body fat and it varies from really cheap to really expensive. You can also measure your body fat on most scales but I do not recommend taking that number seriously. The body fat percentage result you get in a scale is determined by sending a small electrical shock from your toe and then throughout your body. The time it takes to travel your body is converted into a formula that is suppose to give you your total body fat percentage, the problem is it stink! Your body fat percentage result from the scale can easily change just based off how much water you have in your body at the time. I have measured my body fat with both a fat caliper device and a scale and have seen results sometimes up to 10% different, that’s crazy!  My advice is to go with a very simple body fat device that pinches certain areas of your skin to determine what your percentage is.  Team Beachbody provides a really nice one that works very well but in my opinion is a bit pricey. ALTERNATIVE: The body fat measurer that I use and recommend is called the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000, and it can be found on Amazon for about $5. This is a very simple and effective fat caliper that has a diagram that shows you where to pinch the fat and provides simple formulas to compute it.


P90X Equipment that you must havePowerstands: If your chest is already strong enough to knock out three sets of 20+ pushups, these heavy-duty push-up stands designed by Tony Horton present the ideal tool to intensify your movements. They can also be a benefit to those who suffer from wrist ailments, as the unique ergonomic design helps to alleviate stress on the wrist joint. These Powerstands are phenomenal because not only are they comfortable on the hands but they also allow you to get greater range of motion in your pushups. I used a more basic version of this product during my first round of P90X which you can learn about by clicking here. Once I got P90X2 I switched to the Powerstands and I’m so glad I did because the difference is night and day. With the basic one it was very easy to tilt sideways and lose your grip, with this new circular design with the Powerstands that issue is now a thing of the past.


P90X Equipment and Supplements that you must haveShakeology: Hands down the number one product I would recommend for someone doing P90X (aside from weights/bands).If you are looking for a protein shake, buy Shakeology. If you are looking for a meal replacement drink, buy Shakeology. If you are looking for a multi-vitamin, buy Shakeology. Don’t just take my word for it, I encourage you to do your own research and look at the reviews online. This drink is amazing and is something I drink EVERY SINGLE DAY for either breakfast or lunch. I personally drink the Vegan Chocolate formula but have tried all the others too and in my opinion Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is the best. My second favorite flavor is the non-vegan Chocolate Shakeology and then after that I would select the tropical Shakeology. Greenberry Shakeology I have only tried once and did not like it.  Nutrition is 80% of the battle to get in shape and Shakeology is the answer. I wont waste time going into detail about how incredibly helpful this product is to get the best fitness results possible but I encourage you to check out the “Shakeology” tab at the top of this website. I have devoted an entire section of this website to Shakeology so that you can see for yourself how incredibly it really is. This is ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR P90X Equipment and SUPPLEMENT list! . 


P90X Equipment that you must have and P90X Supplements

Q: What  P90X Equipment listed above is absolutely necessary with P90X?

A: You will need the P90X Pull-Up Bar and either resistance bands or dumbbells.  I like dumbbells much more than the bands to build muscle mass and to be able to dial in the resistance more accurately. I also highly recommend PowerStands and a Yoga Mat.  You may also want to consider a Heart Rate Monitor . I found this an important piece of equipment to gauge my intensity.

Q: Which do you recommend: the bands or dumbbells?

A: Both are very effective. If you travel a lot, it would be good for you to get the resistance bands, which can be easily packed away in your suitcase. Dumbbells are excellent if you’re looking to build a lot of muscle mass.

I hope this answered your question about which P90X Equipment you should get. Comment below and let me know if this helped you or if you have any more questions in regards to P90X Equipment. 

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