P90X Day 78: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Ab Ripper X

Week 12
Slow-Motion 3-in-1 PushUps: Reps- Lost count because was going too slow(did bonus)
In & Out Shoulder Flys: Reps- 16  Weight- 10
Chair Dips: Reps- 13 (with my legs out)
Plange Push-Ups: Reps- 14
Pike Presses: Reps- 9
Side Tri-Rises: Reps- 13 left arm, 13 right arm
Floor Flys: Reps- 18
Scarecrows: Reps -13   Weight- 10
Overhead Tricep Extensions: Reps- 11 Weight- 10 (tried 15lbs but it hurt elbow)
Two-Twitch Speed Pushups: Reps- 12 ( felt completely dead after this exercise)
Y-Presses: Reps- 13  Weight- 10
Lying Tricep Extensions: Reps- 15  Weight- 10 (Tried 15lbs but elbow wouldn’t let me)
Side-to-Side Push-Ups: Reps- 11 (I FELT DEAD AT THIS POINT)
Pour Flys: Reps- 14  Weight- 10
Side-Leaning Tricep Extensions: Reps- 13 Weight- 5  (Ouch! This one REALLY hurt my elbow, could only do my right arm)
One-Arm Push-Ups: Reps- 12 (Another exercise which put my elbow in incredible pain)
Weighted Circles: Reps- 30 left, 30 right   Weight-5
Throw the Bomb: Reps- 12 right, 10 left  Weight-10 (This hurt my elbow alot too but I slowly pushed through it
Clap or Plyo Push-Ups: Reps-8 (Tried this and struggled with because of elbow, just did pushups on knees instead)
Slow-Mo Throws: Reps- 8  Weight- 10
Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions: Reps- Did with 10 pound weight but got distracted and lost count
One-Arm Balance Push-Ups: Reps- 7
Fly-Row Presses: Reps- 16  Weight- 10
Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows: Reps- 36  Weight 10 (This was my favorite one of all the exercises)

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