P90X Day 78: Chest/ Shoulder/ Tricep and Ab Ripper X

Today was so hard for me! My arms were killing me. I had to keep stopping and stretching my arms. It was weird. I don’t know if it was because I woke up and made breakfast and then fell back to sleep forever or what? I don’t know! Ab ripper was great like it always is! I was not looking forward to it before I started it because I was already drenched and just wanted to be done, but I pushed through it and kicked some ab butt! I can’t wait to see my ending results! It is weird I can never tell my looking in the mirror what is really happening until I actually see my pictures and compare them to my other ones. It is crazzzyy especially since there is a huge difference. I was a bum today though. After I worked out I showered and drank my shakeology and I sort of bummed it, but finally decided to clean my apartment a little. Dinner sooon I am hungry now 🙂

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