P90X Day 76: Kenpo X..More Energy Then Usual

Wow, tonight I have more energy then usual. That is very surprising for me since I just got home from work and am usually tired. I actually had energy throughout this entire workout and that was awesome. I even stepped the workout up a notch and instead of doing the little jabs and blocks I ran in place to get my heart pumping faster.  The only thing  I did different today was switched my lunch and dinner. Usually I eat a bigger dinner that fills me up then I try to work out a few hours after that but I never have any energy. Today I ate my dinner at lunch time and my lunch at dinner. Shakeology was what I ate so I think it was because I had a light meal that may have done it. I love this feeling and now I don’t want to ever eat such a big meal so close to bed, especially if I haven’t worked out yet.  I don’t have this bloated blah feeling while trying to go to sleep or workout tonight and that is AWESOME.

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