P90X Day 74: Yoga X…Sort of!

Well today was Yoga day, but I didn’t do Yoga X. I know, I know it’s wrong to skip workouts but I still did work out. I replaced Yoga X with Cardio X. This was my first time doing Cardio X and since it is only 45 minutes it fit into my schedule today easier than Yoga did. I have to admit it was a nice little workout. It was pretty much a little bit of Yoga X, Kenpo and Plyometrics combined. Before I knew it, the time was up and it was time to cool down. I really liked this workout and glad I gave it a try.

Also, there’s a move called Wacky Jacks in it, look it up and give it a try, if you don’t laugh then I don’t think your human! HAHA.

It’s getting late so I’m heading to bed, goodnight.

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