P90X Day 73: Shoulders and Arms/ Ab Ripper X

What the heck was happening to me today? I got through the workout, but like midway through it I got like struck my a tired god or something! It was awful. I was yawning and like about ready to cry I was that sore! I still am really sore more sore than I usually have ever been… I wonder why? I don’t know! I know it’s a good thing, but WOW that was intense! I am mad though because I can’t do the oblique vups on my left side for some reason and I could only do 20 on my right and I can’t even keep up with them!!! I tried so hard today!!! Maybe I waited too late to workout… I had class til 11 and work 12-5 and then came home and ate, which the eating might have made me tired and then I worked out maybe an hour and so later… I didn’t get done until 1030ish! I just finished my protein shake!! It was YUMMMYY!!!

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