P90X Day 66: Back and Biceps/ Ab Ripper X and Cardio X

AHH… this workout felt amazing! I really like this one. I got so excited I was able to do one corn cob pull up! I was never able to and now I can. I just got to work on doing more than one without the bands 🙂 I am definitely making tons of progress. In the beginning I was not even able to do a pull up and now I can do a corn cob one! CRAZZYY!! Tonight, I did cardio X after I came home from my new job 🙂 It was intense and I was sweating like crazy! I always try getting a good picture of the sweat running off my face, but it never looks right! One day I will get one 🙂 The icecream shakeology video is up YAY!!! Make sure you check it out!!


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