P90X Day 61: Legs, Back, Ab Ripper, and Cardio X

Today was a day full of workouts 🙂 I really enjoyed it! It was hard though because this week is the first full week after recovery so all this is starting over basically! Wall squats are definitely a killer for me. I can finally do the whole fifer scissors without stopping and I can do the v ups the whole correct way. I can definitely feel the difference in the sides of my stomach. It is really tight now and before it was not flabby, but when you pushed it it would go right into my rib! The crazy things that happen when you do P90X. I am very thankful though. I’m glad Chris decided he wanted to do it or else I’d probably be over 180 pounds by now! All we ate was crap food and always really late at night!! I also did cardio X since I am doing the whole doubles thing. I love doing the wacky jacks 🙂 I was full of sweat, but it definitely felt amazing 🙂

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