P90X Day 58: Plyometrics

Boy oh boy is this workout tough. I don’t think it will ever get easy either! I guess that is a good thing though 🙂 I was sweating so bad my eyeliner was running down my face and I even had the fan blowing on me!! Craziness pure craziness! It makes me happy though I am working my butt off to do something good for myself! In the end it will all be worth it! I mean it already is. I feel so good after working out and eating healthy. I know before starting P90X I would eat bad food and it would like make me happy, but now I see how healthy food makes me happy to and after I eat it I don’t feel like crap! My body is pretty darn sore from yesterday and last night I did cardio x when I got home from work and I was sweating up a storm. It was interesting I always do plyo so doing cardio x was different! It was just a combo of a bunch of things you do in other workouts like yoga, kenpo, plyo, and core synergistics! It was funny though because they do wacky jacks, which I kept laughing and it was hard to keep going. I can’t wait to drink my shakeology for lunch! I am waiting a little bit so I am not starving by the time dinner comes. I know I get almonds in between, but I am waiting!

Did you have your shakeology yet today?

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