P90X Day 57: Chest and Back/ Ab Ripper X + Cardio X

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I am now on Phase 3 of the P90X workout. Boy did that go fast. I am upset about my previous results so I am going to be busting my butt these last days! I plan on doing doubles now so that means tonight when I get home from work I will be doing cardio X too. I already did chest, back, and ab ripper this morning. Of course it was hard since ya know that muscle confusion came back again today!We do not have our new pictures up yet, but they will be up soon!! Drank my shakeology for my first time yesterday well basically got my shakeology in the mail the other day and starting drinking it yesterday. I had it for breakfast this morning 😛 Of course it was amazing!I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and be sore like I usually am!

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