P90X Day 56: Phase 2 complete! Measurements and pictures :-)

Day 1 Measurements:

Body Fat %: 24.8
Height: 5’10
Weight: 140.2 ( in bikini bottoms and bikini top)

Waist: 31.5″
Hips: 33″
Right Thigh: 21.8″
Left Thigh: 21.5″
Right Arm: 10″
Left Arm: 9.9″

Day 28 Measurements

Body Fat % : 23.7  

Weight: 133.2( in bikini top and bottom)   

Chest: 33  

Waist: 29.5  

Hips: 32   

Right thigh: 21   

Left thigh: 20.9   

Right Arm: 9.5  

Left arm: 9.2   

Day 56 Measurements

Body fat: 24 (we use a scale and the scale is not right with calculating the body fat) .8% Lost

Weight: 132.4    7.8 Pounds Lost

Chest: 32      2″ inches lost

Waist: 29    2.5″ inches lost

Hips: 31.75   1.25″ inches lost

Right thigh: 21   .8″ inches lost

Left thigh: 21      .5″ inches lost

Right arm: 9.75    .25 inches lost

Left arm: 9.75     .15 inches lost


Click here for my day 0 measurements and stats

Click here for my day 28 measurements and stats

Well, these are my new results. Not so happy with myself with these results. I guess I need to push myself 20 times harder this next month so I see something on the last day!


  1. Great job, Tine. Your waist measurement alone is an awesome achievement. I have fallen off the wagon and am motivated to get back on again. Thanks for sharing your story and results!

  2. Hey! You look awesome! I need motivation to get back on track and lose some more. Seeing your results has helped me! I hope I can get back on the wagon and FAST!!! 🙂 Awesome job!!!

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