P90X Day 55: Yoga X + New P90X Shirt

Today was a very nice and relaxing day. Yoga X was its normal self, not too much to say about that today. Tomorrow is day 56, which marks the end of our second recovery week.  You know what that means? New updated pictures and measurements and our third official weight in! I’m excited for it, I know I’ve lost some more weight, not as much as last time but I know P90X is definitely working.

A week or so ago I ordered a P90X T-Shirt, and today it finally came! I was so excited, I put it on right away and wore it all day. I absolutely love and believe in the product so much that I have no problem walking around being a human billboard for them! I welcome the questions people may ask  me because I’m wearing the shirt. I wore it everywhere today, to the mall, to get a haircut, to Walmart, to the bank, post office, and more!  Actually I was even quite surprised, I thought the shirt was going to be some flimsy thing that I could have made with supplies at Walmart but it is actually really good quality!

Check back tomorrow for our measurements and pictures!!! Oh, and I also might upload that video with Tine that I’ve been talking about… 🙂

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