P90X Day 53: X Stretch + MEOW

P90X Day 53 X Stretch ReviewP90X Day 53: X Stretch + MEOW

Today was P90X Day 53 and it was X Stretch and I got to actually do it with Tine for a change. We don’t do many exercises together, in fact this was only the second one we’ve done together since starting the program 53 days ago. It was definitely a good time and was pretty funny. I kept making fun of a lot of the exercises and pointing out the way Tony Horton acted in some of it that made it pretty damn funny. The cat stretches crack me up because while we were doing them I was intimidating a cat purring and Christine tried too and well lets just say shes not the best at it LOL. Instead of sounding like a cat, she sounded like an old man trying to get out of bed in the morning. HAHA it’s kind of hard to explain the sound but it was hysterical.  It was just a good time overall and nice not to have to do another exercise alone. As Tine mentioned in her post today, it really is the only P90X exercise that we can do together because I don’t think I could work out as hard if she was there during the other ones. It’s just too damn easy to be silly and make fun of stuff!

Remember guys, keep checking back on this site daily. I’m adding new stuff all the time. I’ll be adding that video of  Tine that I promised as well Tine and I’s day 56 (end of recovery week 2) pictures and measurements, and a new header/logo for the website that should be pretty sweet,  so stay tuned!!!

Let me know in the comments section how your P90X Day 53 went!  

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