P90X Day 52: Kenpo X

Today was back to Kenpo X, which is my favorite workout! I am pretty sore from it today! I must have really been pushing myself 🙂 It was hard for me today too. I think it might be because I could seriously like pass out and fall right to sleep right now! I woke up bright and early at 6AM and made my egg whites and then I had to go to class. When I came home I did the work out 🙂 I did not have a protein bar because we only have one left and I am giving it to Chris. He informed me we need new protein bars because of the soy in the ones we have! Too bad I love those dang protein bars they are sooo yummy!!

We also went grocery shopping last night! We literally had like nothing left. While I was at work Chris made us chicken, which was so good. I could not wait to eat it I was so hungry and since we had like nothing else left we had two soy sausage patties! YUMMY!!! They are my favorite breakfast 🙂 So now our cabinets and fridge are finally full of groceries and healthy ones 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday yesterday! I got stuck working an 8 hour shift! The only nice thing was I got time and a half 🙂


Keep pressing play everyone 🙂

4 more days until phase 2 pictures are up 😛

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