P90X Day 52: Kenpo X + Casey Anthony Verdict = Not Guilty!

Well I didn’t do my work out until late again today due to the Casey Anthony trial.  Today they finally reached a verdict after a total of 10 hours in deliberation, NOT GUILTY of 1st degree murder. All she got charged with was 4 counts of lying to the police. I see so many people have their opinion’s for which they are entitled too but some people’s are way to harsh. People that say she should burn in hell and tortured alive and all this other crazy stuff are ridiculous. If she really did kill her daughter then her time will come and she will get whats coming to her. Its Karma, what goes around comes around. People want to see instant results and it doesn’t always happen like that.  Should she have gotten guilty? Probably, but she didn’t because there was not direct evidence tying her to the crime. Sure there was probable evidence, but that is not enough to sentence someone to death. You cant really convict somebody if you don’t have solid proof, and besides for the lies and all the weird stuff that happened there is not solid proof linking her to the crime. There is no solid proof linking her to the crime. I’m not surprised at all she got away with it. You need solid proof and you cant just use “reasoning” and “common sense” to say she did it. Sure she probably did but there is nothing that actually proves that she did it.

OK well enough about that, don’t want to cause an uproar on my blog!  Today’s (or rather tonight) workout kicked butt. Never have I felt energy at so late in the night. It was like I got a second wind. Kenpo X is usually boring for me but this time I felt like I kicked some butt and performed better and more efficiently then I ever did doing it before. That’s such a great feeling!

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