P90X Day 51: Core Synergistics + Casey Anthony Trial

Today I have been addicted to watching the Casey Anthony Trial on TV. All day since the minute I woke up until about 530pm I had been watching it. I’m not sure why I’m watching it but there’s something about it that I don’t want to stop. I think its because it’s the first time I ever saw a court case live and on TV. It was just really interesting to watch and hear both sides argue back and forth. I can’t wait to see what the jury does, they ended it today with the jury still in deliberation so we have to wait to hear the verdict, it resumes again tomorrow at 830 am. I’m not sure what I think about the case. Don’t get me wrong, she is definitely guilty of something, but I know nobody will truly know what happened to that little girl besides for Casey Anthony herself.  I think what might have happened is she possibly wanted to have her girl sleep for a little bit while she went out and did stuff but ended up killing her instead. I think after she died Casey got scared that she was going to get in trouble for the accident so she tried to cover it up but instead it all just spiraled more and more out of control. Who really knows though, I feel like she didn’t intentionally kill her daughter but she did and should still be charged for it.

But anyways about today’s workout..

Core Synergistics again! I love this one because I’m engaged in it the whole time, I don’t get bored and it goes by quickly!  This was a good workout for me today and it kept my heart beating the entire time.  It was good to finally get away from the TV and watching the trial to get some blood flowing throughout the body. After the workout I made Tine and I some chicken on the grill. It was by far the most delicious chicken I have ever cooked, it was hot and juicy and tasted AMAZING! I hope Tine likes it, she’s still at work now but when she gets home she’s going to eat it. Then we need to go to the grocery store because our cabinet and fridge is literally EMPTY. If we don’t go tonight we will have no food to eat tomorrow!


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