P90X Day 50: Yoga X + Feeling Better

OK I must have just needed sleep, I feel much better today.  I’m a little bit sore but nothing like I was yesterday.  Not sure what that was about!!  I did Yoga a little differently today then I usually do. I usually just try and push right through it grudgingly but today I tried my best to focus. Yoga is all about focus and breathing anyway, right? So that is what I tried to do, I closed my eyes for the majority of it and focused on just my breathing.  I don’t suggest doing this because it got me really sleepy!

Well this was day 1 of our second recovery week, can’t believe this Sunday we will be taking pictures marking our two month progress on P90X. I have to admit I weighed myself early to get a quick update on my stats.  The first month I didn’t weight myself at all but I caved and did this time. I weighed myself because I had been feeling like I wasn’t loosing anymore weight and that I may have plateaued. I just wanted to check and make sure that wasn’t the case, It wasn’t :-). I wont give you guys the results until the end of this week though!

Stay tuned, and make to check back on Sunday for my latest updated pictures and measurements!

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