P90X Day 47: Legs and Back/ Ab Ripper X

Today for some reason my left leg the upper back of it hurts so bad. Doing the lunges today killed it. I am not sure why I guess I need to stretch it more than I do? I guess I could try that and see what happens. Ab ripper killed me today too. I felt like I was going to throw up during it, which has been common lately.


We finally got 10 pound weights so I used those today and I used them yesterday. I don’t remember if I mentioned that or not. It is so much better than trying with the 15 pound weights and it being way to hard or the 5 pounds and it being way to easy. 10 pounds is perfect for now.


Today is finally a relaxing day for me 🙂 Team Lets Get Toned is now getting started too. I am proud of Chris. We have some new members and everyone is insightful and willing to help everyone out 🙂 I love that<3

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