P90X Day 46: Yoga X

As everyone knows I am not a big fan of the yoga. For some reason I really did not enjoy it today because I was really tired. I also woke up really really sore compared to the normal. I don’t know I guess back and biceps killed me yesterday. Another thing that also killed me was I worked til close last night. It is supposed to be until 11, but we were there until almost 12. Usually I am passed out by then or laying in bed so I was pretty beat when I came home. I know I only work at a retail store, but it is a lot of moving around and running all over the place. By the time I had to clean up walking up and down the steps were annoying. SERIOUSLY! I was just dead.


Today is a new day though. I do have work, but not until close thank god! I am excited for the rest of the week. P90X has done great things for me so far and I feel great about myself. Next week is recovery week, which means our 3rd phase pictures already! I can’t believe it 🙂 I am so excited though. This is really going by so fast! Gotta love it <3

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