P90X Day 46: Yoga X + New Team Member!

Yoga X today was a breeze. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer need to constantly look up at the TV to see exactly how he is doing a move. I know how to do the move when he tells us and I perform pretty much all of them flawlessly. It’s still way to long though and gets me very bored. OK OK that’s the last time I write in my blogs about how long the workout is! I promise. Not to much else to say today, everything went pretty smooth and I had a pretty good day. I’m so proud of my team, everyday they are making such great progress in their weight loss journey and they are truly rock stars! Today we also have a new member that joined our team. I want to say welcome to the newest member to Team “Limitless”, Mary M. Welcome aboard Mary, I know you’ll kick some butt!

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