P90X Day 45: Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X

My favorite workout again, awesome! I love the way it makes my biceps feel, it can’t be beat.  Before the workout Tine and I went to Walmart and finally bought a set of 10 pound dumbbells. Our weight collection is now complete and I’m glad because now we can finally lift something when the 5 pound ones are too light and the 15 pound ones are to heavy!  So of course I used this dumbbells in today’s workout.  Actually the workout felt like it went really fast today and I made some gains. Seeing gains in your reps and weight is an awesome feeling!  Oh, I also logged the workout in WOWY supergym. I need to start doing that daily because it automatically enters me into a contest to win free stuff and up to $1000 daily. In order to log your workout you have to sign into your Beachbody account and click on log workout.

Below are my stats for today’s workout:

Week 7
Wide Front Pull-Ups: Reps- 17 on green bands
Lawnmowers: Reps- 10 left, 10 right   Weight- 35
Twenty-Ones: Reps- 11   Weight- 15
One-Arm Cross-Body Curls: Reps- 10   Weight-15
Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Reps- 15 with green bands
Elbows-Out Lawnmowers: Reps- 9 in right arm, 8 in left arm   Weight- 35
Standing Bicep Curls: Reps- 10   Weight- 15
One-Arm Concentration Curls: Reps- 9 in right arm, 6 left arm   Weight- 15
Corn Cob Pull-Ups: Reps- 14 with green bands
Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows: Reps- 11   Weight- 15
Open Arm Curls: Reps- 12   Weight- 15
Static Arm Curls: Reps- 10 right, 6 left arm   Weight- 15
Towel Pull-Ups: Reps- 15 with green bands
Congdon Locomotives: Reps- 40   Weight- 15 (next time will be doing more weight)
Crouching Cohen Curls: Reps- 14  Weight- 10
One-Arm Corkscrew Curls: Reps- 16   Weight- 10
Chin-Ups: Reps- 16 with green bands
Seated Bent-Over Back Flys: Reps- 13   Weight- 15
Curl-Up/Hammer Downs: Reps- 8   Weight- 15
Hammer Curls: Reps- 7   Weight- 15
Max Rep Pull-Ups: Reps- 13 with green bands
Superman: Followed DVD
In-Out Hammer Curls: Reps- 18   Weight- 10
Strip-Set Curls: Reps- 9   Weight- 10
Reps- 10   Weight- 10
Reps- 8  Weight- 10
Reps- 7   Weight- 10

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