P90X Day 45: Back and Biceps/ Ab Ripper X

WOW! My arms are so shaky right now I can barely type and I worked out maybe 20 minutes ago. It was hard today for me. I was able to do more reps with the 15 pounds though. That is a great accomplishment for me 🙂 Who ever thought I’d be lifting 15 pounds… NOT ME!! I can pick up 15 pounds, but to do multiple reps it kills me. My upper arms hurt the most and my legs do too for some reason.

Ab Ripper made me want to throw up today. I think ab ripper was hard because the rest of my body was already sore so it was hard on me. I did it though. I did the whole DVD like I always do.

I had my yummy cheese egg whites this morning with turkey bacon and juice. I also had diet green tea with it because I wake up at six and I need to be awake during the day! I only had 1 cup of it though. I don’t over do it. I will probably have another one with my lunch or dinner, but I will only drink it twice a day and sometimes I might not at all.

So far today has been good just sore and shaky now 🙂 Let’s see what work brings me to. I work til 11 tonight so I am definitely going to be tired and sore tomorrow morning!!

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