P90X Day 44: Plyometrics

Dang, that was a heart racing, sweat dripping down into your eyes kind of workout today. It was exhausting and by far the hardest workout in this P90X program. It leaves me completely demolished by the end of it.  There are at least 4 water breaks in this which is the most of any of the workouts. Be careful with them though, I wouldn’t drink too much water or you end up with a cramp or belly ache, been there and done that. I’m a little bit worried about my shins and hope they will be OK tomorrow. I noticed during the workout, specifically the last 15 minutes, they would hurt with every activity. Not too sure why, so I didn’t push myself to the point of having them keep hurting but I still pushed myself.  I’ve learned that once you feel like you can’t do something anymore because you feel like your going to lose your form then you should stop because if you don’t it is likely to lead to injury. I didn’t stop but I modified it so I wasn’t coming down on the muscles that made my shins hurt.  Well that’s all I really have for all you readers today. Have a good night!

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