P90X Day 43: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Ab Ripper X + Met a Team Member!

Woke up early today to get my workout in before heading out to Tines brothers (Mike) graduation party. I would describe the workout today as just alright. No major gains and this is one of the workouts that makes me incredibly frustrated because of my elbow.  This is also a workout where we need to buy a 10 pounds weight asap, The 5lb is too light and our weight set starts at 15 pounds which hurts my elbow on a lot of the exercises. So until we buy a 10 pound set of weights this exercise will probably just be mediocre.  After the workout we ate lunch and headed off to Mikes party. It was pretty cool and I got to meet a lot of Tines family that I haven’t met yet. One of them I met is actually somebody I coach, her aunt Susan. That was really cool meeting a member of Team “Lets Get Toned”. I can’t wait until I meet more member of the team and I hope they are all as nice as her.  I had sent her a sample of shakeology in the mail and she got to tell me how she liked it today. She said it was really good and all she only added half water and half milk with it, not even peanut butter. Hopefully she will buy it, atleast for a month to see how awesome it can be when adding other ingredients too it.  It would be really cool to hear how she feels about it and how it changed her health and energy levels after only a month of taking it, that would be really awesome. That is partly why I decided to be a coach, is to change peoples lives, improve their health, and to see the amazing tranformations that come from it.

One thing at the graduation party that bothered me was all the delicious food there that I couldn’t eat. Well I probabaly could have ate some of it but I didn’t want it to hurt my progress at all. I am really strict with my nutrition atleast for these first 90 days of P90X. I want to see the 100% true results so I can share them with you all. So as tempting as it was to eat some chips, cake, pretzels, I did not do it. I am very proud of myself for staying away from it all.

Below our my stats for today’s workout:

Week 7
Slow-Motion 3-in-1 PushUps: Reps- 40(did bonus)
In & Out Shoulder Flys: Reps- 17  Weight- 5
Chair Dips: Reps- 12
Plange Push-Ups: Reps- 15
Pike Presses: Reps- 12(Elbow pain)
Side Tri-Rises: Reps- 12 left arm, 12 right arm
Floor Flys: Reps- 20
Scarecrows: Reps -17   Weight- 5
Overhead Tricep Extensions: Reps- 18 Weight- 5 (tried 15lbs but it hurt elbow)
Two-Twitch Speed Pushups: Reps- 27
Y-Presses: Reps- 7  Weight- 15
Lying Tricep Extensions: Reps- 18  Weight- 5 (Tried 15lbs but elbow wouldn’t let me)
Side-to-Side Push-Ups: Reps- 12 (I FELT DEAD AT THIS POINT)
Pour Flys: Reps- 13  Weight- 5
Side-Leaning Tricep Extensions: Reps- 18  Weight- 5  (Ouch! This one REALLY hurt my elbow, could only do my right arm)
One-Arm Push-Ups: Reps- 11 (Another exercise which put my elbow in incredible pain)
Weighted Circles: Reps- 11 left, 17 right   Weight- 5
Throw the Bomb: Reps- 17 right, 7 left  Weight-5 (This hurt my elbow alot too but I slowly pushed through it
Clap or Plyo Push-Ups: Reps- 11 (Tried this and struggled with because of elbow, just did pushups on knees instead)
Slow-Mo Throws: Reps- 8  Weight- 5
Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions: Reps- 17 right, 3 left  Weight- 5 (Another painful one on my elbow)
One-Arm Balance Push-Ups: Reps- 17
Fly-Row Presses: Lost count but following along with DVD using 5 pound weights
Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows: Reps- 50  Weight 5 (This was my favorite one of all the exercises)

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  1. It’s always great to finally meet someone that you actually coach. i coach a guy that used to go to our church and he moved away and he came and visited and it’s great to meet up with them and have something to talk about lol

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