P90X Day 42: Rest or X-Stretch + New Running Shoes

Well today ended up being a rest day for me. I had it set in my mind that I was going to do at least the stretch today but I worked till 9 and had no energy left after to do it. No big deal, it wasn’t required of me anyway.  Some of you may know, I work at a shoe and clothing store in Lancaster, Pa. Well because of that I always get really nice discounts on anything in the store. Well today we got a new shipment of shoes in that I have been waiting for months. It was an order of Brooks running shoes, which are excellent top of the line running shoes. Ever since I tried a pair on over a year ago I was hooked, they are the most comfortable and supportive pair of shoes I have ever tried. Specifically I like the Ghost and Glycerine Models.  Well since we got the newest versions of those In I decided it would be perfect to buy a couple pairs.  I ended up buying 1 pair of Ghost 4’s and 1 pair of Glycerine 9’s for myself and then I also bought Tine a pair of pink Glycerine 9’s because they looked really cool and I knew she would love them.

Here’s a couple pictures of what they look like

Mens Ghost 3







Mens Glycerine 9






Womens Glycerine 9








Anybody who lives around the Lancaster, PA and needs a good pair of running shoes let me know.

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