P90X Day 41: Kenpo X

Today’s workout was decent, nothing over the top or back breaking. Some of the punches I don’t get much out of, so since It’s a cardio exercise I decided to just run in place instead. The point of the workout is to get my heart beating and nothing gets it beating more than running in place.  Oh I also added an addition to my diet, Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea. Tine and I use to be obsessed with the stuff before we started P90X and decided to stop drinking it until we knew if it worked with the program. Well after much research we realized as long as we only have a cup or two earlier on in the day, preferably before our workout we will be fine. Green tea is actually known to speed up the metabolism and promote weight loss, so cant beat that!  I’m glad to be able to drink that again, I really missed it.

Well that’s it for today kids, got to run to work. Cya

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