P90X Day 40: Legs and Back/ Ab Ripper X

SOREEE!!! Today I am really sore. I was only able to do the workout tonight because of  having classes all day! So this morning I woke up and ate breakfast and went to class. I also ate my protein bar. I eventually had a break and came home for lunch. After my last class I waited for Chris to get done working out and then I did. I ate before the workout because I am seriously limited on time sometimes. I didn’t get done my workout until 10 something. I don’t like working out this late because I feel more sick. I don’t know why. I am also more tired so I feel like I don’t push myself as hard. I feel the burn, but I should feel it more.


My legs haven’t stopped hurting for the past 2 weeks I think. It feels nice to stretch them out. I can’t wait until Saturday for the Xstretch. That is going to feel amazing. I just drank a protein drink with milk, PB2, whey protein, and ice. It was yummmyy!!!


Just remember to keep pressing play… “Quality over Quantity”

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