P90X Day 39: Yoga X

Really tired today! I had class at 8 this morning so I needed to wait to do Yoga until after class was over. I had my soy sausage muffin this morning with milk and it was soooo good! After class I came home and did Yoga. It was not as bad as it usually is for me, but I think it might not have been because I was so tired like I couldn’t feel anything. I mean I was sore and I was able to feel the pain, but I didn’t care because I was so tired. I just did it and got it over with. I ate my protein bar after I did yoga and then I tried laying down to sleep for an hour, but that didn’t happen!!


I just ate lunch, which was Steak and Arugula salad. I did not use arugula I have been using spinach. I like the taste of spinach better! It was pretty good, but went by too fast. Waiting to eat my almonds.


Enjoy your workout!


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