P90X Day 39: Yoga X + New Members to the Team

I work up this morning and go to eat one of my favorite breakfasts of the week, sausage patties on an English muffin, DELICIOUS!.  I always look forward to these mornings because of that. I guess that’s sort of bad in a way to looking to forward to a day because of the food I get to eat haha. Makes me sound like I’m addicted to food, which hey maybe I am since I am out of shape and needing to change my life by doing P90X!  But anyways, today’s workout of Yoga wasn’t too bad. Usually I am sweating and getting my butt kicked but I was pretty much able to last through it the entire time. I still think the 90 minutes is too long but for times sake I cut out the last 8 or so minutes of it where your pretty much just laying on the ground resting. I feel that part is really unnecessary unless your truly doing it to balance your mind and spirit, I’m not. I’m simply just trying to get the physical benefits out of it.

I would like to welcome our newest members to Team Lets Get Toned:   Susan S, Fabricio M, and Sandy O.  Welcome to the team guys, now lets bring it and show everyone what were made of!

Ok guys well thats about all I have to say today. I’m still pretty sore from yesterday, specifically in my biceps, so I’m going to go make a protein drink to help feed my muscles.  later


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