P90X Day 38: Back & Biceps / Ab Ripper X

Boy am I sore today! Specifically I can feel it in my legs when I get up and down. Must have been all those squats from plyometrics yesterday.  haha

Finally, my favorite workout is back. Not only was it time to do my favorite workout again, but I finally had heavier weights to lift, awesome! I loved today’s workout!  The majority of today’s workout was with 15 pound weights but I also had thrown in some 35 pounders during a couple. Today was actually really interesting to me.  It was a true test of how much I can actually curl as well as how much my left arm/elbow can really handle. The most interesting thing I got from today was that my right arm can do a lot more then my left arm can. What I mean is that my right arm wanted to keep doing bicep curls when my left arm didn’t want to, obviously because of my elbow. This made me unsure of what to do, do I keep lifting with the right arm? Or do I switch to a lighter weight so that both arms can equally do it? I’m not sure!   Today’s ab ripper I did awesome as well, in fact I totally killed it! I think it was the best I ever did and I’m really start to get the hang of it.

After the workout I rewarded myself with some chocolate Shakeology! I know I talk about it a lot here but I can’t help it I absolutely love it and the things I see it doing to my body are just amazing. It was so good today, like always and I can’t wait to have it again tomorrow LOL.

The following are my stats for today:

Week 6
Wide Front Pull-Ups: Reps- 16 on green bands
Lawnmowers: Reps- 8 left, 9 right   Weight- 35
Twenty-Ones: Reps- 13   Weight- 15
One-Arm Cross-Body Curls: Reps- 8   Weight-15
Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Reps- 13 with green bands
Elbows-Out Lawnmowers: Reps- 10 in right arm, 8 in left arm   Weight- 35
Standing Bicep Curls: Reps- 10   Weight- 15
One-Arm Concentration Curls: Reps- 10 in right arm, 8 left arm   Weight- 15
Corn Cob Pull-Ups: Reps- 13 with green bands
Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows: Reps- 10   Weight- 15
Open Arm Curls: Reps- 10   Weight- 15
Static Arm Curls: Reps- 5 right, 5 left arm   Weight- 15
Towel Pull-Ups: Reps- 15 with green bands
Congdon Locomotives: Reps- 40   Weight- 15
Crouching Cohen Curls: Reps- 18  Weight- 5
One-Arm Corkscrew Curls: Reps- 9   Weight- 5
Chin-Ups: Reps- 13 with green bands
Seated Bent-Over Back Flys: Reps- 11   Weight- 15
Curl-Up/Hammer Downs: Reps- 6   Weight- 15
Hammer Curls: Reps- 6   Weight- 15
Max Rep Pull-Ups: Reps- 16 with green bands
Superman: Followed DVD
In-Out Hammer Curls: Reps- 6   Weight- 15
Strip-Set Curls: Reps- 10   Weight- 5
Reps- 10   Weight- 5
Reps- 9   Weight- 5
Reps- 9   Weight- 5

Well got to go kids, going to the store to buy some PB2 (powdered peanut butter) and then to run a few errands. See you tomorrow!

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