P90X Day 38: Back and Biceps/ Ab Ripper X

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”


WOW! So today has definitely been a long one!!! This morning I needed to wake up at 6 AM to get ready for school since I now have class that starts at 8. So, I did not get to do my workout until about 8 something tonight. Only because I have class 8-11 and then class 11-230 and then I get a little break and more class 5-830. So yeah I had a really long day.


Let me tell you I hated working out this late at night. I am already do tired from not getting enough sleep last night and having to be awake at 6 this morning and having classes all day! I think this did affect me in my workout. I used the 15 pound weights for most of the work, but it was really hard. For the hammer out ones I couldn’t even use the 15 pounds I needed the 5 pound ones because It was too heavy. I definitely need to get 10 and 12 pound weights.


I was getting out of the shower after working out and I smacked my knee off the door so now my knee hurts. I am in one of those phases where I’m so tired and exhausted so everything hurts on my body and it’s annoying. I can deal with it though because one of these days I am going to look pretty hott!!! Today I took notice to a lot more muscle in my arms and my lower stomach! This makes me really happy 🙂


Using the 15 pounds I could not do as many reps as with the 5 pounds obviously, but I know that is a good thing. I did not stop going until I couldn’t anymore. Basically, to the point where I had to move my whole body just to pick the weight up and do a curl. NOT GOOD!


I will definitely be sore tomorrow 🙂


  1. I pushed through the pain in my legs during insanity and in my shins every day. end result? a ripped six pack. the prize at the end is def worth it, but never forget the journey it took you to get there. It’s all about the climb upward.

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