P90X Day 37: Plyometrics

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.


Today was like a new day for me! I usually like to wake up and exercise right away before I go to class, but since my class started at 8 today I had to wait until I came back home to do it. It did not really bug me, but I would rather do my workouts before class. I just do not want to get up at like 4 in the morning to do them.


Plyometrics was intense and hard like always, but it was easier for me. I am becoming more fit. I was still out of breath and sweating, but I was able to keep up with the DVD more. Sometimes I need to stop and take breaks during this workout, but today I did not have to as much. I did here and there, but not for long.


Plyometrics is really helping with my upper legs. Usually my upper leg is just fat and squishy, but since I started P90X it has become muscular. I mean it is not like hard core muscle, but it definitely it a lot firmer than before I start P90X. This makes me happy because my legs are one thing I really wanted to work out besides my stomach.


I can’t believe there is only 2 more weeks until recovery week again and then we have our phase 2 pictures. I feel like this phase is going a lot quicker for some reason. Maybe because I know what I am doing this time around compared to when I first started. I am really enjoying it and a lot of people ask me about it. I hope this blog is helping more and more people everyday 🙂


Keep Pressing Play everyone! And don’t forget to stretch and drink plenty of water. You don’t want to become dehydrated!!


  1. I would suggest not working out when u first wake up. especially if it’s on an empty stomach. that’s just my opinion! happy to see you both bringing it!

  2. Yeah… I haven’t been because my classes are so early right now, but I usually do because I like to get it out of the way! Since I am such a busy girl 🙂

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