P90X Day 36: Chest/ Shoulders/ Triceps and Ab Ripper X

The only real failure in life is the failure to try.


First, I would just like to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!


Today was a crazy and intense workout! I can barely do pushups on my knees so today was horrible. The workout consists of many different styles and types of pushups. I try doing them, but I have to do everything on my knees unfortunately. I also tried using the 15 pound weights today and that did not happen. I used them for one exercise and had to use the 5 pounds for the rest. I need to go buy 10 and 12 pound weights because going from 5 pounds to 15 I don’t think is a good idea. I was barely able to pick my arms up from holding the 15 pound weights. Plus, I do not want to hurt myself. I rather be safe then sorry.


By the time Ab Ripper X came along I was exhausted and barely able to move. Doing so many pushups kills me! I am not complaining I am just saying how I feel 🙂 I just don’t like pushups because I am not very good at them. This morning I had mushroom scramble with strawberries and milk. It was good, which it usually is.


Keep Pressing Play everyone 🙂

PS: Everyone that went to Summit I hope you all had a fantastic time 🙂 I plan on joining you all next year in Vegas 😀


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