P90X Day 33: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

So as  I previously posted, we can now be found by going to LetsGetToned.com. I have been working hard on this website every single day to add lots of helpful content for you guys and getting this site in tip top shape.  In addition to the domain name change I’ve also decided on a team name for our team. The name is Team “Lets get toned”. If you would like to join the team click the link at the top of this page that says “Join Our Team!”  I created a secret Facebook group for our team that only members of the team can see and it allows us all to interact and share tips and ask questions. Once your on my team I can send you an invite to the Facebook group.

Now on to the workout… ugh today’s workout was annoying. I was able to do the workout but the problem was I felt nauseous throughout the whole thing.  I seriously felt like I was going to throw up and I’m not sure why. Usually this doesn’t happen to me. I think it might have something to do with the fat free mozzarella cheese I put on my turkey burger today. Dairy products and I usually don’t have the best of relationships but its usually hit or miss.  Today must have been a hit if that’s the reason it made me feel sick. I didn’t let the sickness stop me though and completed the whole workout, including Ab Ripper.

The following are my stats for today’s workout:

Week 5
Balance Lunges: Reps- 10 on right left, 12 on left leg   Weight- 15
Calf Raise Squats: Reps- 18   Weight- 15
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: Reps- 12 with green band
Super Skater: Reps- 25 on the left leg and 25 on the right leg
Wall Squat: Followed along with the DVD
Wide Front Pull-Ups: Reps- 17
Step Back Lunge: Reps- 11 on right leg and 8 on the left leg   Weight- 15
Alternating Side Lunge: Reps- 18   Weight- 15
Closed Grip Overhead Pull-Ups: Reps- 16 with the green band
Single Leg Wall Squat: Followed along with the DVD
Dead Lift Squat: Reps- 13 on left leg and 14 on right leg
Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Reps- 20 with green band
Reps- 21 with green band
Three-Way Lunges: Followed along with the DVD
Sneaky Lunges: Followed along with the DVD
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: Reps- 16 with green band
Chair Salutations: Followed along with the DVD
Toe-Roll Iso Lunge: For some reason didn’t write this down
Wide Front Pull-Ups: Reps- 13 with green band
Groucho Walk: Followed along with the DVD
Calf Raises: Followed along with the DVD but used 15 pound weights
Closed Grip Overhead Pull-Ups: Reps- 13 with green band
80-20 Siebers Speed Squats : Reps- 17 on right left and 17 on left leg

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