P90X Day 33: Legs and Back/ Ab Ripper X

Legs and back and ab ripper was the exercises today 🙂 I really enjoy this because legs and back are all weights and the pull up bar or bands. I enjoy using the weights just like everyone knows and I got to use my new weights today. I did 15 pounds for one of the exercises, but it is really hard. I did notice that when doing the lunges with heavier weights I felt it more in my legs than I did without using weights or with only using the 5 pound weights. Of course I enjoyed ab ripper. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it! I am ready to get some abs though 🙂


I had cheese scramble for breakfast with milk and it was yummmy. For lunch I had my favorite a turkey burger, coleslaw, and soup with water. Chris got us P90X water bottles so I drink out of that all of the time. Tonight we are supposed to eat salmon, but we are just going to drink a protein shake. We don’t have the salmon and do not feel like going to buy it. It is later because I usually have class until 8:30 so we eat late and it’s annoying to come home and make the food.


Tomorrow is one of my favorite workouts 🙂 I am pretty pumped about that! I am ready for the weekend! I am really tired today I did  not go to bed until 2 AM this morning because of writing papers for my classes and I woke up at 7 to workout and get ready for class. I kept going though and pushed through.

Keep a smile on ur face when working out and just remember you are doing this for YOU!!


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