P90X Day 32: Yoga X

EXHAUSTED!!! I am so tired right now! I was woken by a phone call this morning, but happy I was because I needed to wake up and start my day!! I woke up and did Yoga X and I hated like I usually do. I don’t know why, but it makes my hands hurt when I do the downward dog and all that kind of stuff. It is annoying. For some reason I can’t like balance well either and I am usually pretty good at balancing since I was a cheerleader and all in high school I have always been good at it. I don’t know if it is because of being tired or what! After working out I took a shower and made breakfast, which was soy sausage patties with a whole wheat english muffin and milk. I love this breakfast it is so good and gets us away from eggs for a day 🙂


Right now my top sirloin is cooking in the oven for my lunch, which is steak and arugula salad YUMMY!!! It is sooo good 🙂 I already had my protein bar, which was a carmel one today and it was so good! Today we also got our Power Blocks, which I am excited about because we don’t have to use the 5 pound weights anymore considering they did not do much for me during some of the workouts. Chris posted pictures of us with them! I look way to happy in mine 🙂


Nothing else new to really tell today except to keep ur head high and fight through the soreness and sweat 🙂


  1. When your exhausted and you push play anyways, that’s when you start to see the real results; not just physically, but mentally as well! Great post!

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