P90X Day 31: Back/ Biceps and ab ripper X

I absolutely loved today’s workout! I loved how it was all weights and pullups. Even though I use the bands I loved it! I feel like I get a better workout when I don’t have to do pushups because I could barely do them! I love using the weights and bands it feels so good. I was in a lot of pain this morning when I woke up because Monday was hard and yesterday was plyometrics, but I pushed through it and did it. I definitely can’t wait for the weights Chris ordered because I definitely need heavier weights than 5 pounds. I don’t use the bands as weights except for the pullups because I feel like I don’t have it set up right! Plus, some of the workout today you needed to use the bands differently than the weights and it just confuses me. Although some of the time the 5 pound weights were working really well. My arms were killing me.


Today I have a lot of pain under my arms, which I like because I need some muscle there. It’s just all fat. I definitely feel the pain in my belly too. Today ab ripper was intense because I had so much pain in my belly. My ribs hurt hardcore like it seriously feels like I have bruises there. I had some yummy cheese eggs this morning with turkey bacon and juice. I love getting the juice because I only get it once a week and only 4 oz of it. I enjoy it and try to make it last when I get it on Tuesdays! I really miss diet green tea though. I know I probably could drink it like one glass a day or something, but I know it would not work out that way for me. It is better if I just don’t have it in the house because I would definitely drink more than what I should.


This week is a long week for me I have two huge papers due. I need to do tons of things so hopefully working out puts some stress behind me. When I get home from my first class today I get chicken salad, which I always get excited about because I love it. I still have to eat my protein bar, but I eat that during my first class and then tonight for dinner is salmon, rice, and soup! I think I might be starting to get sick of salmon lately. The book calls for different fish every time, but our store doesn’t have all those types and it becomes expensive. Chris and me are college students so it is not like we are loaded, but anyways sometimes we also get tilpia.


Well, time to go finish getting ready for class. Enjoy today’s work out and keep pressing play 🙂

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