P90X Day 31: Back & Biceps / Ab Ripper X

As many of you know that read my blog, I love weight lifting days during P90X. Today was on of those days! The exercise was Back & Biceps / Ab Ripper X.  This was the first time since starting P90X that I had to do this exercise. Like the name says, it was alot of bicep moves. In the beginning of the dvd it mentions that its for your glamour muscles, which is cool because that will be nice to have.  I really liked the workout today and feel great now after it! I even made sure to drink a protein shake after it so I can feed my muscles.

The following are my stats for today, the only downside to these stats is that I could only use 5 pound weights because thats all we got. According to my UPS tracking number, the new weights I ordered should be in by the end of the day tomorrow.

Week 5
Wide Front Pull-Ups: Reps- 12 on green bands
Lawnmowers: Reps- 15 each arm with green bands
Twenty-Ones: Reps- 21   Weight- 5
One-Arm Cross-Body Curls: Reps- 9 with green bands
Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Reps- 15 with green bands
Elbows-Out Lawnmowers: Reps- 8 in right arm, 9 in left arm   Weight- 5
Standing Bicep Curls: Reps- 10 with green bands
One-Arm Concentration Curls: Reps- 10 in both arms with green bands
Corn Cob Pull-Ups: Reps- 10 with green bands
Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows: Reps- 14   Weight- 5
Open Arm Curls: Reps- 12 with green bands
Static Arm Curls: Reps- 16 with green bands
Towel Pull-Ups: Reps- 13 with green bands
Congdon Locomotives: Reps- 40   Weight- 5
Crouching Cohen Curls: Reps- 14 with red bands
One-Arm Corkscrew Curls: Reps- 15 with green bands
Chin-Ups: Reps- 16 with green bands
Seated Bent-Over Back Flys: Reps- 21   Weight- 5
Curl-Up/Hammer Downs: Reps- 17   Weight- 5
Hammer Curls: Reps- 14   Weight- 5
Max Rep Pull-Ups: Reps- 16 with green bands
Superman: Followed DVD
In-Out Hammer Curls: Reps- 15   Weight- 5
Strip-Set Curls: Reps- 10   Weight- 5
Reps- 11   Weight- 5
Reps- 9   Weight- 5
Reps- 9   Weight- 5

Oh by the way guys and gals, I now have a lot more time so I will be working on this site more and adding a lot of new stuff so make sure you keep checking back and add us to your favorite bookmarks!


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