P90X Day 29: Chest/Shoulder/Triceps and Ab ripper

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
John Wooden


WOW!!!! and holy cow!!! Today’s workout was hard core! It was a lot of pushups, which I can not even do. Even those ones where you clap your hands YIKES!!! I tried my best and did the whole workout and the ab ripper. I always enjoy the ab ripper because that is the one thing I like working on the most and it feels so nice when I am done with it. The chest/shoulder/ and tricep workout was really hard though. I always enjoy using the weights and we got to do that a lot today!


I had mushroom scramble this morning with milk. It was pretty good. Today I also have chef salad and salmon! Yummy!!! I can barely type my hands are so wobbly right now from all those push ups! I do enjoy working out now though especially after I got to see my results yesterday! There is not a major change, but a big enough one that I could spot out the difference in my pictures 🙂 It makes me happy. So because of that I am going to push my hardest so when phase 2 ends you will see a huge difference in my pictures!!!


I’m glad the power came back on this morning so I could workout HA!!! Well, time to go shower and eat my protein bar! Enjoy the workout and stay strong!!!

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