P90X Day 29: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + Ab Ripper X – Yes!

Phase 1 is over and today marks the beginning of phase 2! As the title says, the workout was Chest/Shoulder/Triceps + Ab Ripper X. Yes!, back to lifting weights, my favorite. I love the way my arms feel after lifting weights, its great. This was the first time I had to do this workout since starting P90x program and let me tell you wow. It is ALOT of pushups, which is hard if your like me and have tennis elbow.  It’s OK though because I did my best and just forgot the rest.  Aside from all the pushups I did manage to push through the workout and was happy happy after I made it through. If your reading this and have tennis elbow, there are a few exercises you should watch out for. The following list of exercises I struggled with on my left arm because of tennis elbow. Those exercises were the Side-leaning tricep extensions, one-arm pushups, throw the bomb and front to back tricep extensions.  It is SO incredibily frustrating to me not being able to perform to my best because of my elbow.

Here are my stats for the workout today. For all of the pushup exercises below I started off regular until my elbow hurt too bad and then I switched to my knees.

Week 5
Slow-Motion 3-in-1 PushUps: Reps- 23 (did bonus)
In & Out Shoulder Flys: Reps- 15  Weight- 5
Chair Dips: Reps- 20
Plange Push-Ups: Reps- 18
Pike Presses: Reps- 8 (Elbow pain)
Side Tri-Rises: Reps- 10 left arm, 12 right arm
Floor Flys: Reps- 17
Scarecrows: Reps -14
Overhead Tricep Extensions: Reps- 11 Weight- 5
Two-Twitch Speed Pushups: Reps- 24
Y-Presses: Reps- 13  Weight 5
Lying Tricep Extensions: Reps- 12  Weight- 5
Side-to-Side Push-Ups: Reps- 15
Pour Flys: Reps- 14  Weigh- 5
Side-Leaning Tricep Extensions: Reps- 17  Weight- 5  (Ouch! This one REALLY hurt my elbow, could only do my right arm)
One-Arm Push-Ups: Reps- 7 (Another exercise which put my elbow in incredible pain)
Weighted Circles: Reps- 20 (both arms) Weight- 5
Throw the Bomb: Reps- 10 right, 8 left  Weight-5 (This hurt my elbow alot too but I slowly pushed through it
Clap or Plyo Push-Ups: Reps- 13 (I did the clap part but on my knees)
Slow-Mo Throws: Reps- 10  Weight- 5
Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions: Reps- 15 right, 3 left  Weight- 5 (Another painful one on my elbow)
One-Arm Balance Push-Ups: Reps- 20
Fly-Row Presses: Lost count but following along with DVD using 5 pound weights
Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows: Reps- 21  Weight 5 (This was my favorite one of all the exercises)

Ab Ripper at the end was killer, I had almost no steam to do this after doing the workout.







01 Slow-Motion 3-in-1 Push-UpsRRRRR
02 In & Out Shoulder FlysRWRWRWRWRW
03 Chairs DipsRRRRR
04 Plange Push-UpsRRRRR
05 Pike PressesRRRRR
07 Floor FlysRRRRR
08 ScarecrowsRWRWRWWRW
09 Overhead Tricep ExtensionsRWRWRWRWRW
10 Two-Twitch Speed Push-UpsRRRRR
12 Lying Tricep ExtensionsRWRWRWRWRW
13 Side-To-Side Push-UpsRRRRR
15 Side-Leaning Tricep ExtensionsRAWRAWRAWRAWRAW
16 One-Arm Push-UpsRRRRR
17 Weighted CirclesRWRWRWRWRW
19 Clap or Plyo Push-UpsRRRRR
21 Front-To Back Tricep ExtensionsRAWRAWRAWRAWRAW
22 One-Arm Balance Push-UpsRRRRR
23 Fly-Row PressesRWRWRWRWRW
24 Dumbbell Cross-Body BlowsRWRWRWRWRW

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