P90X Day 27: Yoga X – Not for Wussies!

Came home from class early today and Tine was already an hour into doing Yoga X. Problem with that was that I didn’t even leave for an hour and Tine didn’t start yoga until after I left. So obviously she fast forwarded through it or something. I don’t think I was too mean about it to her, just called her a cheater LOL. Skipping stuff is only hurting yourself anyway and going to slow down your progress, so that’s on her if that’s what she wants to do. I don’t blame her though the Yoga workouts are long (90 minutes) so they can get annoying at times.  Not only that but yoga can be quite difficult! I did the full workout of yoga, like always, and it was an upward battle, sweat dripping down the forehead kind of workout. I just think its crazy how much you can sweat from just stretching and doing yoga.  I used to think yoga was for wussies before I even tried it, now after doing it, specifically Yoga X, I think quite differently!

Today was also Tine’s brothers graduation. After the graduation we went back to her house for a little with her family to celebrate. They had cake, chips, pretzels, macaroni salad and all kinds of bad fattening foods that I would have loved to chow down on. I’m proud of ourselfs because we did not eat any of it and just drank our water instead.

Our end of phase 1 (28 days) + measurements are tomorrow! So check back later tomorrow to see the results!

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