P90X Day 25: X Stretch



So, today was X Stretch and let me tell you it felt AMAZING!!! Last time we needed to stretch I did not get to because I was sick and had to go to work all day and I could definitely tell today! The back of my legs were in so much pain just trying to touch the floor. Usually I am pretty flexible during the stretch, but today not as much. I could definitely tell I missed a stretch day!


I do think I need to get some yoga blocks for the hamstring stretches because I can reach way out past my feet 🙂 I think it would be really hard with the yoga blocks, but it would do me really good in the end. This morning was soy sausage patty day with and english muffin and milk 🙂 It was quite yummy. I don’t remember what lunch and dinner are today I will have to look, but whatever it is I know it will be good.


Today will be another day of studying for me. I just feel really relaxed and calm after the stretch. I could have fell to sleep during the child pose part that is how calm and relaxing it was. Chris and me did not get to stretch together today because he had class this morning, but that’s okay maybe Saturday we will get to do it together. I really look forward to the stretching days! Tomorrow we are back to core synergistics and I am scared. That one is so intense, but I will give it my all!

Everyone enjoy your day and remember to keep pressing play 🙂

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