P90X Day 23: Core Synergistics

Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.

E. Joseph Cossman quotes

Let me just start off by saying ‘HOLY CRAP’ todays workout was intense. Today was my first time ever doing core synergistics and let me tell you it was hard. It was not a long workout only 58 minutes, but it was an intense one. First of all I can’t even do pushups to begin with and they make you do all these crazy ones. I must say I enjoyed the names of some of the exercises. HAHA!

I can’t wait until Chris does it I am going to laugh. There is a lot of rolling around on the floor and we also get to use the weights, which I enjoyed. I was sweating after like the first 5 minutes of the workout. That is a good thing though. It shows it works! This morning before working out I made Chris and me protein shakes. So YUMMY!! I made mine with strawberries and his with blackberries. I also just ate my protein bar. In the nutrition guide it says to eat the protein bar directly after working out, but I never do because then I get really hungry later! For lunch we get shrimp stir fry and dinner turkey, which I guess Chris and me will have to go to the store because some of the stuff we do not have anymore.

I am ready to take my end of phase 1 photo on Saturday 🙂 I can’t wait to see the difference. If there is a difference it will definitely make me want to work harder in the upcoming weeks because I know it is definitely working! You guys should see my man (Chris)! I could already tell  he lost weight. I will not be able to call him my teddy bear anymore 🙁 This makes me sad, but I am happy for him. He deserves anything he ever wanted 🙂 Love you 🙂

Anyways, my arms are pretty sore and my upper belly a little bit! I’m ready to bust out this week so I can start a new month and get this body toned 🙂



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