P90X Day 23: Core Synergistics and Peanut Butter Shakeology

Before I talk about my workout today I would just like to say WOW.  I experimented a little bit today with my Shakeology and used one of the recipes that come with it. The recipe was

1 scoop chocolate shakeology
8 ounce milk
5 ice cubes
1 tbsp of all natural peanut butter.

Let me say, it was by far the best shake I have EVER had and the fact that it helps you lose weight is INCREDIBILE. It seriously tasted like I was drinking a reese peanut butter cup. I can’t wait for tomorrow so that I can have it again. It’s too bad we’re only suppose to drink it once per day, I’d love to drink it more lol. I’m like obsessed with it.  Anyways…back to the workout.

Today was core synergistics, finally something new into the routine. This was definitely not my favorite of the routines but it isn’t that bad. It mainly focused on core work and making sure the core was engaged in every exercise. Some of the moves were a bit awkward and took time getting used to but you could tell they got the job done. This is definitely a cardio workout as it has you moving pretty much the whole duration, which makes time go by fast!  I think I struggled the most with the exercise where you had to get into pushup stance and get really low to the ground and just hold it, that was so hard to not hit the ground.  I also liked the fact that it involved weights because I worried about this week since its all cardio so I thought that all the weightlifting I had been doing would go to waste.  In summary I felt like it was a nice little total body workout to keep everything working together.

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