P90X Day 21: Rest or XStretch..It is OK to rest

Wow can’t believe its 21 days into the program. That went fast! Only 7 more days and I get to take my 28 day progress pictures and do my 28 day measurements. I can’t wait for that, I’m really excited to see what just 28 days of being on P90X has done to my body.

Speaking of my body, yesterday while I was getting ready for work I noticed something. I am definitely losing weight or toning up or something. All week long I just felt like I wasn’t really seeing any results, but then I put on my work uniform. Once I put on the uniform, which consists of khaki shorts and a blue t-shirt that has to be tucked in, I saw a difference. I feel like I saw somebody different in the mirror and I think it was because it was the first time that I went to work in about a week and that’s the only time I tuck my shirt in. I felt like I was looking at a whole other person, it was great and an instant confidence booster!

So that brings me to my workout today, which luckily today was rest/stretch because well today did not work out according to plan! I don’t like taking days off from the P90X by just resting so I always do the stretch part.  Last night I set my alarm for 630am this morning and what do you know, It didn’t go off this morning and I slept right through it. Apparently I set it for 630 am but on “weekdays” only. OOPS. So because of that I ended up waking up at about 855am, which is not good considering I had to be at work at 9. So I quickly got a shower, made my Shakeology for the first time (delicious by the way), and off to work I went.

Well obviously this meant no workout for me, I worked 9am – 9pm today. Yes I could have done it after work, but I ran around all day at work and I’m exhausted so I think its OK. Yes I know its not an excuse and trust me I actually feel bad. I feel bad I didn’t do the stretch. But I was talking to somebody about this and they told me it does say stretch OR REST. So I guess it is OK to actually rest on this day! I just felt It was gonna knock me off my path or something.  So I’m going to do just that today, REST.

Tommorrow is a new day, and will be week four of P90X, super stoked.

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